Industrial Repair Work

At Bemcor, we've been serving our customers for decades with quick and precise repairs. The mill repair work we deliver is an huge part of our success—and can be part of yours too!
It's time to minimize downtime and frustration.

Serving companies
across the nation

Over the last thirty years, we have repaired more than 1,000 pay-off and take-up devices. OEMs include Bliss, McKay, United, Blaw Knox, ITAM, and Stamco. Even though it may seem that each application requires a new and different device, our staff and mechanics have experienced just about all of them.

We are experienced in steel mill repair (especially in the rolling end), link-type and wedge-type equipment, and both hot and cold mills.


quality Equipment
and quick repair

When a piece of your production equipment goes down, we will work 24/7 to get you up and running. Our millwrights and machinists have the know-how to strip down a unit, locate the problem, fix it, and reassemble. Even in a non-emergency, we give you a strip report and quick turnaround.

When machining your parts and repairing your equipment, we rely on the same experienced craftsmen and finely tuned equipment that build our own machines. Rely on Bemcor to make your parts, repair your equipment, and engineer your projects.

Cold Mill Sheet
and Tin Parts:

All pay-off, take-up, tension

reels, and up enders

Belt wrappers

Cradle rolls

Coil cars


Scrap choppers


Coil rotate devices

Chopper arbors

Hot Mill
Repeat Parts:

Downcoilers (link & wedge)

Carryover aprons and gates

Top and bottom curve plate assemblies

Wrapper rolls

Link arms

And more