Welcome to Bemcor

The experts that concentrate solely on mill and equipment repair

Beatty Machine was founded almost a century ago when we began building large manufacturing equipment. As time went on we continued to grow and branched out into equipment repair as well. We have become the trusted experts in our field.

Repair Work

You know how vital it is to minimize downtime with quick and precise repairs. You also know how fast you would drop a mill repair vendor who didn’t perform. Clients don’t drop Bemcor; we’ve been serving some of the same loyal customers for decades. In fact, the kind of mill repair work we deliver is an integral part of our success—and can be part of yours too.


Hot Mill
Repeat Parts:

Downcoilers (link & wedge)

Carryover aprons and gates

Top and bottom curve plate assemblies

Wrapper rolls

Link arms

And more

Cold Mill Sheet
and Tin Parts:

All pay-off, take-up, tension reels, and Up enders

Belt wrappers

Cradle rolls

Coil cars